Friday, July 9, 2010

my motivation

My first ever blog entry: Look out world wide web! Honestly, I've been meaning to start a blog for a while now. For a few reasons.
(I've been a little preoccupied, however, with finishing my degree and getting married and other time-consuming, life-altering activities, but now on to the important things. Joking, of course!)

Anyway, I really like lists, so maybe I'll just begin with one to explain my motivation for blogging.

Reasons for Starting Blog:

1. "Beauty Buffs"- It doesn't take much poking around to find terrible things in our world. I am aware that sometimes life simply "sucks." We are constantly bombarded with news of violence, corruption, injustice, suffering, and other atrocities. While I do not want to dismiss or deny the reality of the damage done, I would like to offer something a little different for people to experience--something delightful, perhaps something inspiring...basically, something genuinely good. So, readers, if you want to be reminded of the often-overlooked beauty in this world, I hope you will find some piece of that here.

2. "Local Lovers"- Secondly, I believe in supporting all things "local": local happenings and festivals, local art, local music, local farmers, local charities and causes, and local businesses. If you want to join me in A) strengthening our community ties and local economy, B) lessening our impact on the environment, C) weakening our dependency on huge, bossy corporations that pay their workers practically nothing to work under demanding and dangerous conditions, and D) living in Central Indiana, this may serve as a place for you to hear about cool "stuff" happening in and around Indianapolis.

3. "New-to-do Nuts"- I like learning and trying new things. Whether it be gardening, changing the oil of my car, skydiving, reading a captivating book, sewing my own clothes, traveling, learning a new language, caring for a pet lizard, or even (occasionally, reluctantly) watching a documentary with my wonderful (documentary-obsessed) husband, I really dig a challenge. And I think you might too. So I'll let you know what new adventures I'm embarking upon and you are welcome to do the same and, together, we can learn and grow.

4. "Alliteration Allure"- (This is mostly a DISCLAIMER.) I admit it. I have a strong inclination to use alliteration. While I will make a serious effort to keep it to a minimum, I cannot make any promises. I mean, check out my titles so far. I'm already off to a questionable start and I've only begun blogging today. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

In summary, sometimes I may post something fun for the "New-to-do Nuts." Other times, I'll share local happenings with the "Local Lovers." Sometimes, I may dedicate an inspirational post to the "Beauty Buffs." If I'm feeling really crazy, maybe I'll occasionally have news in all three categories!

Regardless of where you fit into this mismatched mess, I am giving you an assignment right now. (Oh no, homework already!?)
Please look around your life. What is beautiful in it?
(Feel free to share. Or keep it to yourself and smile and simply enjoy it.)

-mismatched mae

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  1. There are so many beautiful things in my life, and I'm so happy to say that you are one of them! You're a wonderful inspiration to everyone around you and I can't wait to see what you write here :).